Beezie Madden

FEI Show Jumper and USA Olympic Medalist 

John Madden Sales depends on high quality products and equipment that we can rely on right down to the fly spray. Charlee's Fly Spray works on the variety of bugs we see from Florida to Central NY to Canada and makes a real difference in comfort and focus of our horses.

Photo credit (this and homepage photo of Beezie): Shannon Brinkman

Adrienne Lyle

2021 USA Dressage Olympic Silver Medalist

Charlee’s Fly Spray is the most effective I have ever come across! It works amazingly well, without having to constantly reapply. And it’s safe- derived from all-natural ingredients of plants and vegetables.

Marie Varvaro

Barn Manager, GallopNYC

Our mission requires that our horses are safe and reliable in every foreseeable circumstance so biting flies and insects are a real concern. Additionally, we are mindful of the needs of our riders, many of whom suffer from allergies and are sensitive to chemical-based sprays, so an all-natural product that actually works is ideal … Charlee’s Fly Spray works. The horses literally relax and sigh after an application. It’s as if they know they will no longer be bothered by biting flies and insects, and they are free to concentrate on the job at hand. We hope to use Charlee’s Fly Spray exclusively from this point forward. I would recommend this product to anyone working in Therapeutic Horsemanship. The benefits to the horses, the riders, and the handlers cannot be overstated.  

GallopNYC is a Path Certificate Therapeutic Horsemanship facility in New York City. The charity services 400 riders per week at four separate locations across the five boroughs.    

Domenico Cecere

Head Trainer at Lindy Farms of Connecticut

I have been working with the Tim Cable as our farrier for the past 12 years and the struggle with flies while he shoes at the barn has always been an issue. His development of Charlee’s Fly Spray has put my horses at ease while shoeing where flies tend to be at their worst. By eliminating the need to stomp their legs to get rid of the flies, the horses are more relaxed, and he can do his job more easily.

With 40 horses in training finding products that allow everyone to go their jobs effectively helps to keep the barn running smoothly. We use this spray for turnout, training, and daily use. In Connecticut where the gnats are the worst during the spring and summer months, this fly spray has allowed our horses to stay in the paddock longer with less stomping keeping the integrity of the feet and the horses physically and mentally happier. Our grooms love this product and so do our horses.

Ericka Cecere

FEI Dressage Rider and USDF Silver Medalist

I have been in the horse business for almost the entirety of my life and have been traveling between the north and Florida for the past 12 years. Needless to say, the bugs have always been a nuisance for turnout, training, and showing. I have never seen a product work as well as Charlee’s Fly Spray.

I have tried everything from organically based to the strongest chemical brands and they almost always ultimately fail within 20 minutes let alone stay on in turnout during the height of bug season. Charlee’s Fly Spray is so effective, and the longevity is outstanding. The all-natural ingredients gives me a peace of mind that I’m not harming my horses or the environment.

My clients have loved giving their horses a relief this summer and the customer service is hands down the quickest response and shipping in the industry. I look forward to seeing this fly spray in every barn.

Katie Duerrhammer

FEI Dressage Rider

Charlee’s Fly Spray protects my horses from the irritation of the big horse flies and mosquitoes of Florida and all the way to the annoying gnats of Colorado. As a FEI Dressage rider and the head trainer at TyL Dressage, I am always looking for the best products to use on our high-performance horses and Charlee’s Fly spray definitely fits the bill!