Ultimate RepairV™ 12oz Pump Bottle
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Ultimate RepairV™ 12oz Pump Bottle

Ultimate RepairV™ 12oz Pump Bottle


Experience the beauty of natural healing and fast recovery with Ultimate RepairV™. This elegantly designed bottle harnesses the power of nature to provide effortless relief and rejuvenation, ensuring your equine partner not only shines but recovers swiftly to perform at their best.

- Instant Pain Relief

- Restores Tissue

- 100% Natural Ingredients | No Harsh Chemicals

- Absorbs Fast | No Greasy Residue

Revolutionizing Natural Equine Health


Intense relief and advances continual repair with clinically documented responses for a variety of different conditions


Clinically proven to reduce inflammation, relieve soreness, and may help prevent future injuries.


Patented formula with 100% natural ingredients and features a pleasant aroma. Fast absorbing with a non-greasy texture and free from menthol, avoiding any heating or cooling effects. It is not only beneficial for recovery but also nourishing for skin.

Product Overview

First In Recovery, Foremost In Relief

Ultimate RepairV™, goes beyond simply alleviating pain. They are committed to fast-tracking equine recovery and elevating overall performance.

Their groundbreaking formula doesn't just provide immediate pain relief; it's designed to restore the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) by delivering essential nutrients.

Their proactive approach drives reduction of inflammation and reestablishes optimal cellular function, ensuring your horse thrives. Going beyond masking pain and focusing on genuine repair.



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Matt Williams

Three-Time Olympic Rider

“As an Olympian, my horses' health and performance is everything. Since using Ultimate RepairV, my horses have shown remarkable improvement in both recovery and performance. This cream has become a part of our daily routine!”

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Tim Cable

Founder of Charlee's Fly Spray

"I am a former IAPF board member, current board member of the Hoofcare Essentials Foundation, as well as a farrier with over 40 years of experience. I've never came across a product like this that I can use on my clients horses as well as myself. I've found it works on all kinds of joint problems and laminitis. Laminitis is one of the most devastating conditions a horse can have. I have documented three cases of success with one being from Scott Morrison from Rood & Riddle equine hospital. I highly recommend this product from seeing so many results on humans and horses."

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Lori Krenzien

Horse Trainer For 14 Years

"I was devastated the day that the veterinary staff told me I needed to put this mare down because she had 14 degree rotations in all four of her feet. They told me there was nothing they could do and they had no solutions so I went looking for my own. I'm Lori and this is Ellie. I've been a horse trainer for 14 years and I have never seen a case this bad. I went looking for solutions. I found the best hoof care professional as well as Ultimate RepairV. This has been a huge part of our recovery process. It has managed the pain in her feet, it has reduced the inflammation, it absorbs deep into the foot, and lasts a long time. It's all natural and comes in a generous sized bottle. We love it. I even use it on myself. We'll continue to use it as part of our protocol."

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Tyler Held

Former Five-Star Groom

"Hi I am Tyler Held. I'm a former five-star groom and I work with event horses. Event horses have to do a lot. They condition, they do dressage, they show-jump, they cross-country... so keeping them fit and keeping them in shape to do what they need to do is quite difficult. And I found a really great cream, Ultimate RepairV. It's actually a pain relief and recovery cream. So where some creams will just help with pain relief, this cream actually helps the horses heal in the way that their body is made to heal. And it keeps them feeling really good!"

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Mike Hayward

Farrier For 20+ Years

"Last year I broke my shoulder. I've been using Ultimate RepairV on my shoulder and it's just made the world of difference. Sometimes I put on one application. If my shoulder is really bugging me, I'll put on a second application. It works great! I don't have any pain when I use it, easy to apply, and it has truly changed my world."